– rent a tennis court in Skærup

The facilities include:

- Rackets for children and adults
- Small playground area
- Fireplace
- Petanque field
Der er boldbane
- Playing field
- Toilet

The tennis court is located next to Skærup Zoo on Søndermarksvej in Skærup, 7080 Børkop


Campsite guests kr.   50,00/1 hour
                                 kr.   80,00/2 hours
Other guests kr.   70,00/1 hour
  kr. 100,00/2 hours

A maximum of 2 periods of a duration up to 2 hours can be booked at a time.

After using the tennis court and equipment you need clean up after yourself. The court must be run over by the drag mats – start from the outside and work yourself in to the middle. Lastly the lines must be swept with brooms.

Jan Rasmussen
+45 40 21 62 05

Or the campsite reception:

+45 75 95 91 22

legepladsen i Skærup - hjemmeside

Tennisbanen i Skærup -hjemmeside

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