Blue flag and boatslip

Mørkholt Strand Camping holds a blue flag, which means that we offer great facilities, clean bathing water, environmental considerations, safety as well as fun activities for children and young people. Visit the beach at Mørkholt Strand Camping and get some sand between your toes! You can read more about what the Blue Flag means to you here:


If you own a boat and want to go sailing in Vejle Fjord you can get your boat in the water by Mørkholt Strand Camping by agreement with the campsite manager, Kristian Iversen.



The sanitary facilities on the campsite are all of a high standard – and of course they are always kept neat and clean.

We have three modern service buildings close to the beach.



Service buildings

Our service buildings feature pristine toilet and shower facilities.

The buildings are nice and light, and appear welcoming.

In addition to showers and toilets, the facilities include:
- a kitchen with 3 ovens, 16 stoves and a microwave oven.
- a large nursing room for babies
- family showers
- a toilet for children
- facilities for emptying chemical toilets
- a laundry room




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