Mørkholt Strand Camping
Is a beach camping located near Vejle Fjord. The campsite is driven by certain core values. Freedom, Community and Friendliness are some of the keywords that describe the atmosphere of the campsite.

Mørkholt Strand Camping - a place to be together.



- to be in nature, to explore the outdoors and freedom from everyday life. The freedom Mørkholt Strand Camping facilitates depends on responsibilities. The freedom consists of mutual respect and with that comes the freedom to be yourself.



- at Mørkholt Strand Camping is essential. We stay in the same surroundings and have common experiences. Community starts with hospitality and then the willingness and ability to accept others. Mørkholt Strand Camping is the place where families can enjoy time together as well as with other families – in a meaningful community.



- is mutual respect, kindness and tolerance, which characterise the attitude and the atmosphere of the campsite. Here we are accommodating, helpful and with a common intention to meet each other with kindness and a smile. We have both the urge and commitment for a chat as well as the intimacy to have long.


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